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Sample uses of Times Square

Times Square:

Times Square is inspired by the signs on the sides of buses and electronic signs for stock market quotes or to give the news (like the one in New York's Times Square). This font has a pretty big character set, over 200 characters. It even has a character for the Euro (accessible by typing option-shift-2).

There are two versions for the Macintosh: a PostScript Type 1 version (about 122K download) and a TrueType version (it's a 17K download). The differences in download sizes are because of the way they compress, by the way. Once they are downloaded and uncompressed, they are pretty much the same size!

Due to popular request, I have also produced a TrueType version for Windows (a 13K zip archive).

Sample uses of Canyon Road
Example Border

Canyon Road:

Canyon Road is based very loosely on Native American pottery patterns from the Southwestern United States. It is named after a road in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is something of an art colony.

Originally, I made it to work with an application called BorderMaker from Monotype. I don't know if it's even in use much any more. If it is, download the PostScript Type 1 version (a 24K download). I was never able to get the TrueType version to work with that application, however, it's a very small (only 8.8K) download! In any case, directions for typing the borders in by hand are in the Read Me file.

Sample uses of Byzantium
Example Border


Byzantium is based on Byzantine and Arabic repeating border patterns. However, I've also adapted them pretty loosely. There are really four borders, with two versions of one of them.

Note: these borders look best when printed out above 36 to 40 points on a fairly good printer. I've never tried printing on any printer other than a laser printer, but I imagine they'd print fine on better inkjet printers, too.

Once again, if you are using BorderMaker, download the PostScript Type 1 version (a 49K download). Otherwise, you can build your borders by hand and download the TrueType version (only 12K). In any case, directions for typing the borders in by hand are in the Read Me file.


All of the fonts on this page are free to use and distribute. All I ask is that you not try to sell them (unless you want to cut me in on the action) and that you include the Read Me files if you give them out.

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