November 2007 Moonrise over Mt. Blanca
December 2006 Red Rocks Balancing Rock
October 2006 Spanish Peaks
June 2006 Black Canyon Clouds
October 2005 Cenral City Cemetary
August 2005 Washington Park Roses
February 2005 Bald Eagle Flying
Bald Eagle Flying
Bald Eagle in a Tree
Bald Eagle in a Tree
Bald Eagle over Lake
November 2004 Mount Blanca Moonrise
Mount Blanca Moonrise 2
Mount Blanca
September 2004 Lake Marie, Wyoming 1
Lake Marie, Wyoming 2
Lake Marie, Wyoming 3
Wyoming Aspens
June 2004 Backyard Flower
May 2004 Sand Dunes 1
Sand Dunes 2
Paul's Ditch
Red Rocks Park
September 2003 Central City Cemetary
August 2003 Lightning Storm
June 2003 Red Rocks - B&W
Red Rocks - Color
April 2003 Red Rocks
June 2002 C-130 Air Tanker
PB4Y Air Tanker
Another PB4Y
PB4Y Takes Off
Forest Fire Smoke 1
Forest Fire Smoke 2
More Smoke on the Horizon
Fire Smoke from Colorado Springs
May 2002 Forest Fire Near Denver
August 2001 MIG-17
B-17 landing
B-17 parked
Spitfire Taxiing
B-17 overhead
Beechcraft Staggerwing
North American Navion
B-17 nose
Spitfire refueling
B-17 nose art
December 2000 New Year Fireworks 1
New Year Fireworks 2
New Year Fireworks 3
New Year Fireworks 4
New Year Fireworks 5
New Year Fireworks 6
New Year Fireworks 7
November 2000 Coyotes howling at dusk
Coyotes hunting
Early Afternoon Coyote
Yet Another Coyote
Pike's Peak
October 2000 Bayer sculpture detail
Another sculpture detail
Elk herd
September 2000 Walker Ranch Fire
Fire behind the Flatirons
C-130 reloading
July 2000 Storms over Denver

Moonrise over Mt. Blanca

Another shot of Mt. Blanca from my brother's back porch.